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Aktiv Sanitizers Ltd is a top manufacture and wholesale distributor of hand sanitizers, surface sanitizers and rubbing alcohol. Our products are produced using ethyl alcohol which is made from sugar cane and not synthesized alcohol. As a result, we ensure that our products are much more organic, effective and have the best rates.

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Aktiv Liquid Hand Sanitizer 4L

Contains 70% denatured ethyl alcohol and skin moisturizing components. It is preferred by users who do not wish to continually rub a gel sanitizer but prefer a faster sanitizing time.

Aktiv Antibacterial Soap 4L

 It is not an alcohol based product but is essential for personnel hygiene through frequent washing of hands.

Aktiv8 Rubbing Alcohol 80% 4L

This contains 80% denatured ethyl alcohol. It is used as an antiseptic disinfectant in hospitals, dental and optical offices, clean rooms, etc.

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