About the company

Our team has tremendous knowledge in the development of alcohol based products some of us having been in the industry as qualified Chemists for over 30 years working with large international companies. We have helped companies attain accredited quality and manufacturing standards like ISO and HACCP (quality, food safety, environmental and health & safety). Two members are PCQI certified (Preventative Control Qualified Individual) to audit manufacturing facilities. Our existing manufacturing facility located in Frederick Settlement Industrial Park, Caroni, produces a range of products which are exported, meeting regulatory standards in North American territories. The US Food and Drug Administration visited twice over the last 5 years to audit the facility. We also export our sanitizer products regionally and have capacity with consistent, uninterrupted raw material supplies to meet demands.

The sanitizers are made with Ethyl Alcohol produced from sugar cane and not from chemically synthesized alcohol. They are therefore safe under normal and reasonably foreseeable use and not classified as dangerous for the environment or ozone layer. The sanitizer products are potent virucidal agents and show strong antimicrobial activity. The active ingredient Ethyl alcohol also functions as a good cleaner on surfaces as it removes grease and stains, leaves glass streak free, kills and prevents bacterial growth, kills mould and removes sticky residues to name a few everyday applications.